CIP Operating grant

This grant provides funding of ongoing core operations for non-profit organizations that address social issues.

Important program changes

The Community Initiatives Program (CIP) Operating stream is reviewed, at a minimum, every 5 years to ensure the guidelines best support the needs of Alberta’s communities as well as align with best practices in grant administration. See the updated guidelines for changes which include outcomes specific to the CIP Operating stream, new intake dates, and updates to the program criteria.

The CIP Operating stream application process has changed. Applications are now only accepted through our secure online application portal called Front Office. See the updated application process below.

Important dates

Annual application deadlines

  • January 30 – Front Office application portal will open on October 30.
  • July 15 – Front Office application portal will open on April 15.

Applications must be submitted through Front Office by midnight on the application deadline date. In the case of a deadline falling on a weekend or a statutory holiday, applications must be submitted by midnight of the following business day.


  • Approximately 6 months after the application deadline.

Notification is sent by email to your organization.


The Community Initiatives Program (CIP) Operating grant supports eligible non-profit organizations in their ability to operate and deliver services to the vulnerable and disadvantaged.

Grant information session videos

How to apply

Step 1. Read the CIP Operating program guidelines

Step 2. Register for a Front Office account

Important: Ensure you register for a Front Office account no later than 10 business days before an application intake deadline.

For help, read the Front Office User Guide, and watch the videos above.

Step 3. Prepare supporting documents to upload in Front Office for your application

Your documents should include:

  • a list of board members including executives with their contact information
  • recently approved and signed financial statements:
    • most recent fiscal year financial statement with 2 signing authority signatures on the Statement of Financial Position
    • current financial statement (within 3 months of the application intake date – prepared in house) with 2 signing authority signatures on the Statement of Financial Position
  • the signed Grant Agreement – must be signed by the board president, chairperson or treasurer
  • the Application for Electronic Payment – and void cheque or pre-printed bank direct deposit form
  • letters of support (optional)

If applying for Organizational Development Funding include:


  • The grant agreement, Application for Electronic Payment, and capacity assessment tools are also available for download in the online application within Front Office.
  • As part of the updated application process effective December 15, 2022, CIP Operating no longer has an application package. The application is available in Front Office and embedded within it is the matching worksheet, expenses requested to be funded (replacing the budget template), and mandatory information requirements.

Step 4. Complete an application for funding in Front Office

Log in to Front Office

Sample CIP operating applications:

After you apply

All decisions on grant applications are final, and no appeals will be considered.

Specific terms and conditions of the grant are provided once approved.

Reporting requirements

If your application was submitted through Front Office (all application intakes deadlines beginning from January 15, 2023)

You must complete your financial accounting for the CIP Operating grant using the Front Office portal. See Section 9 of the guidelines for details.

For grant recipients that applied to any application intake before and including the September 15, 2022

You must complete your financial accounting for the CIP Operating grant. See pages 15 and 16 of the guidelines for details.

Previous grant recipients

Find previous grant recipients in the Previous Grant Recipient Database


Connect with the Community Grants office:

Hours: 8:15 am to 4:30 pm (open Monday to Friday, closed statutory holidays)
Phone: 780-422-9598
Toll free: 1-800-642-3855
Email: [email protected]