As of February 1, 2014, every new home built in Alberta needs to have warranty coverage. In addition, all new construction must be entered into the New Home Buyer Protection Public Registry. The Registry provides users with information about the home, as well as the name and contact information for the builder and warranty provider.

Step 1 - Requesting Access Builder's Portal (access for authorized users)

As a builder, you need to become an authorized user of the New Home Buyer Protection System's Builder's Portal. You will need to submit a request for access to the system in order to input information about new home construction projects. Alberta residential home builders and owner-builders can request access to the portal by submitting a NHBPS Access Request.

If you are unable to view the NHBPS Access Request application above, please contact the New Home Buyer Protection Office at Access request applications will be processed in approximately three business days.

Step 2 - Builder Profile

Once you have access to the Builder's Portal, you will need to verify the information in your organization's Builder Profile. The first user from each company is assigned the role of Account Administrator for the company and can modify the Builder Profile if necessary. More information on how to modify a Builder Profile within the portal is available in the Residential Builder Portal User Manual (PDF).

Step 3 - Using the Builder's Portal (Training Guide)

Users will be able to register buildings/properties, learn more about how to use the Builder's Portal in the Residential Builder Portal User Manual (PDF). The guide provides an overview of the registration process, including step-by-step instructions on how to register buildings/properties, how to manage payments, how to print a permit certificate, and how to manage registrations.

More Information

Builders can find more information about working with a warranty provider, the costs, fees and requirements for builders, and how to choose a warranty provider in Alberta's New Home Buyer Protection Act for Small Builders.

More information about the new warranty standards and warranty providers in Alberta is available at: