New home warranty claims

How to file a new home warranty claim.

Filing a warranty claim

If you are a homeowner experiencing an issue with a new home, you should:

  • check your warranty coverage dates to ensure you are still covered for the issue you are experiencing
  • file a claim by contacting your warranty provider; they will guide you through their requirements and procedures

Your warranty provider will assess your claims and work with your builder to resolve any warrantable defects.

A list of warranty providers operating in Alberta can be found on the New home warranty – Overview page.

Watch the warranty process video for more information.

Construction Performance Guide

The Construction Performance Guide for New Home Warranty in Alberta provides the basic requirements of warranty coverage and recommended minimum performance expectations for new homes in Alberta.

The introductory sections of the guide summarize key aspects of the legislation and cover issues commonly discovered in the first few years of the life of a home. The guide is not a comprehensive listing of all issues that can appear in a new home.

The exclusion of an issue from the guide does not mean that it is not a defect or that a warranty provider is not responsible for addressing a claim related to that issue.

The guide explains the actions homeowners can expect warranty providers and builders to take to resolve those defects.

Minimum length of coverage

The New Home Buyer Protection Act requires minimum warranty coverage on all new homes constructed in Alberta:

One year for labour and materials

Covers any defects in materials and labour related to how the home was constructed and materials used. This may include things such as:

  • flooring
  • staircases
  • baseboards
  • cabinets
  • railings
  • other trim and fixtures

Two years for delivery and distribution systems

Covers defects related to the electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning delivery systems.

Five years for building envelope protection

The building envelope is the shell of the home, including the roof and walls. It is the separation between the interior and exterior environments of a building, which protects the indoor environment and facilitates climate control.

Ten years for major structural components

Major structural components include the frame, the roof’s structural integrity and the foundation.

Concerns about a warranty claim

If a dispute occurs between a homeowner and their warranty provider regarding a claim, there are a few options to resolve the dispute.

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