How to pay for apprenticeship training

Find options to help pay for apprenticeship education.


Apprentice education programs allow you to earn money while you learn.

There are periods of training, however, where you in a classroom and are not working on the job site. You are responsible for paying for this classroom instruction.

There are many ways to meet the costs of this part of your apprenticeship education program.

Employment Insurance

You may be eligible for Employment Insurance (EI) during your classroom instruction. This support is provided by the Government of Canada.

Apply as soon as you stop working to ensure you get these benefits when you need them.

If you have applied for — or are already receiving EI benefits you must give the Canada Revenue Agency the information they need about your classroom instruction to process your application.

Read about Employment Insurance for apprentices.

Apply online for Employment Insurance.

Loans and grants

You can apply for apprenticeship loans through:

When you apply for loans through Alberta Student Aid, you are also automatically considered for some grant opportunities.

Federal grants

The Government of Canada offers 2 apprenticeship grants:

  1. Apprenticeship Incentive Grant for apprentices who have completed their 1st and/or 2nd year or level (or equivalent) in a designated Red Seal trade
  2. Apprenticeship Completion Grant for registered apprentices who complete their apprenticeship education program and obtain their journeyperson certificate

You need to apply to be considered for federal grant programs for apprentices.

Read more about federal grants for apprentices.


More than 900 scholarships are awarded to apprentices every year.

Scholarships can help you pay for your classroom instruction. You need to apply to be considered for a scholarship.

If you are a high school student taking the Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP) and/or Career and Technology Studies (CTS), you may be eligible for High School Apprenticeship Scholarships.

Applications and eligibility criteria vary by scholarship program.

Read about scholarship opportunities for apprentices.

Apprentice Training Award

A $1,500 financial award is given to apprentices who are:

  • unemployed in their trade and
  • attending classroom instruction at an Alberta-approved apprenticeship education provider

This award helps reduce financial barriers and supports apprentices as they work towards their journeyperson certification.

Read about the Apprentice Training Award, including eligibility details and how to apply.


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