Important dates

Application status: Open until November 30 for funding for the following year


The water conservation initiative is part of the Alberta Municipal Water/Wastewater Partnership (AMWWP). It is aimed at encouraging municipalities to implement projects that support water conservation and consumption-based water rate schedules.

How to apply

Municipalities can follow the AMWWP application process.


This initiative is part of AMWWP. Funding for AMWWP is determined each budget cycle.

Municipalities must meet water conservation criteria to receive full AMWWP funding. If they do not meet the criteria, they may be subject to a 10% reduction in grants as calculated under the AMWWP.

Another option is project funding could be delayed until appropriate water conservation initiatives are implemented.

Department staff works with municipal officials to determine how proposed initiatives impact the AMWWP cost-sharing formula.

Municipalities may be subject to a reduced grant if:

  • they do not have water metering in place and the average annual consumption exceeds the norm for the area
  • they have water meters but a rate schedule based on consumption has not been implemented
  • water consumption rates are high and no water conservation program is in place


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