This initiative is part of the Alberta Municipal Water/Wastewater Partnership (AMWWP) and allows municipalities to apply for funding for studies to review or identify water or wastewater needs.

How to apply

Municipalities can follow the AMWWP application process. They must also submit the following:

  • a letter requesting funding
  • a copy of the engineering proposal
  • an implementation schedule
  • an upset limit of estimated costs


Funding for AMWWP is determined each budget cycle. Municipalities under this initiative are eligible for funding on the same cost-sharing basis as the AMWWP.

The final grant will be based on actual study costs to an upset limit established at the time of funding approval.


Municipalities with a population of 10,000 or less that are eligible for funding under the AMWWP can apply for funding under the studies initiative.

  • Eligible projects

    Funding may be available for the following types of studies, subject to a detailed assessment of eligibility by the department.

    Preliminary engineering assessments

    These assessments are to review and identify water and wastewater upgrading requirements to existing systems which may then be incorporated into short-term and long-term capital work plans.

    Studies should:

    • investigate the need for the project
    • demonstrate cost-effectiveness of the recommended alternative
    • establish a priority for implementation
    • examine affordability of the improvements
    • examine financing methods for the municipal share of the costs
    • examine ways to encourage water conservation and consumption-based rate structures

    Engineering studies

    These studies are to help to establish a 5-year capital works program for water and wastewater improvements.

    Such studies:

    • outline the necessary improvements for each year of the 5-year plan
    • estimate the improvement costs
    • present the plan in such a way annual updates can be undertaken

    All services engaged under this initiative must be from the private sector.

    Project(s) identified as a result of studies conducted under this initiative will not automatically receive funding.

  • Eligible costs

    Funding may be available for associated costs, including:

    • engineering costs
    • survey fees
    • well exploration and testing costs
  • Ineligible costs

    The following are not eligible for funding:

    • municipal labour and equipment
    • administration expenses such as all municipal employee and council member salaries, and office administration costs
    • annual updates of 5-year capital works program studies produced under this initiative
    • GST


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