Alberta’s Police and Peace Officers’ Memorial Day ceremony takes place at the south grounds of the Alberta legislature on the last Sunday of September. This is the same day as the Canadian Police and Peace Officers’ Memorial Day ceremony in Ottawa.

The 2023 Police and Peace Officers’ Memorial Day ceremony will take place at 1 pm on Sunday, September 24.

This event is an occasion to remember the police and peace officers who have fallen in the line of duty, and also recognizes families, friends and colleagues who have suffered the devastating loss of a loved one. The ceremony includes speeches from dignitaries and a reading of the names of Alberta’s fallen officers.

Pillar of Strength

The Pillar of Strength is a permanent monument at the south grounds of the Alberta legislature. It symbolizes Alberta’s commitment to the peace officer community and recognizes the ultimate sacrifices made by fallen officers.

The names listed on the pillar are sworn Alberta peace officers who were killed in the line of duty since 1876.

Fallen officers

For a person’s name to be listed on the Pillar of Strength, they must have:

  • been a sworn peace officer and died as a result of an external influence
  • been on duty at the time of death while acting in the capacity as a peace officer, or the circumstances of their death were related to their status as a peace officer
  • acted in good faith and done everything that could have been reasonably expected

In spite of these requirements, any set of circumstances that led to the death of an officer may be considered.

Alberta’s list of fallen officers