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Northern Lights recipient – Vrishank Saini

On November 30, 2023, Vrishank Saini was recognized for his creativity and innovation in support of those struggling with mental health issues.

Virshank Saini

Location: Calgary, Alberta

Looking to create greater awareness of the very real issues around mental health and teen suicide, Calgary’s Vrishank Saini has been working to prevent tragedy through knowledge. Saini began conducting extensive research and working with doctors and mental health professionals to create Bioscope Wellness.

A free mental health app, Bioscope Wellness allows users, currently numbering over 29,000, to conduct daily mental health “check-ins,” communicate through chat boards, access educational resources and find crisis lines.

Saini’s volunteer service with the Intensive Psychiatric Unit of the Peter Lougheed Hospital helped him to access the expertise of staff while gaining insights into the impacts of mental illness.

Within the app, Saini also fundraises for the Mental Health Foundation and for the LGBT Youth Line, a youth-led charity to help support and enhance the mental health needs of lesbian, gay, bi and trans youth.

He also contributes his time and talents as an Alberta Health Services volunteer in support of the Peter Lougheed Hospital’s Indigenous Hospital Liaison Services unit and rounds out his volunteerism with the Little Scholars Daycare, working with children as a supervisor, helping to train volunteers and supporting fundraising efforts.
For his commitment to helping youth recognize and overcome mental health challenges and for his contributions to the community, Vrishank Saini is recognized as a worthy candidate for Northern Lights Volunteer Recognition.

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