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Northern Lights recipient – Vimal Sharma

On February 8, 2024, Vimal Sharma was recognized for his work in combatting food insecurity through collaboration.

Vimal Sharma

Location: Edmonton, Alberta

What began as a response to community needs during the COVID-19 pandemic has evolved into an ongoing project to combat food insecurity and the everyday needs of some of Edmonton’s most vulnerable families. 

After spotting an online post that told the story of an Edmontonian in need, Vimal Sharma turned to workplace colleagues with an idea to reach out to those seeking help. Together, they initiated an emergency food response from Vimal’s garage, connecting through a COVID-19 response Facebook page by John Humphrey Centre. 

Mobilizing his own network, Vimal and his co-workers responded to a high demand for emergency aid by sourcing and distributing food to community members. Over time, the project grew into a weekly program, partnering with organizations like Multicultural Health Brokers Co-op, Edmonton's Food Bank, Leftovers Edmonton Foundation and grassroots groups.

Serving more than 200 families each month across Edmonton's north and south sides, Vimal and volunteers have taken the postal workers’ creed to heart, often braving harsh winter weather to ensure deliveries. Focusing primarily on single-parent families, the group has also linked recipients to housing and employment resources. With the pandemic having run its course, Vimal nonetheless continues to spearhead efforts. Despite the lack of secure funding and relying solely on volunteer support, Vimal continues to operate this important emergency community food access program today.

For his efforts to support Edmonton’s vulnerable families and others in need, Vimal Sharma has been selected for Northern Lights Volunteer Recognition.

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