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Northern Lights recipient – Susan Ruzek

On June 30 she was recognized for community service in Strathmore which continue to bring joy to all residents.

Photo of Alberta Northern Lights recipient Susan Ruzek

Location: Strathmore, Alberta

For Strathmore residents who wondered about the source of those colourful ornamental feather friends that began appearing at the hospital, fire hall, lodges, the health centre, and other locales around the community in the midst of the pandemic, the mystery has been solved. A little bird told us!

The project was hatched by Susan Ruzek who used her woodworking skills to craft more than 200 wooden birds. Susan then enlisted the artistic talents of children around Strathmore. The creative kids in the southern Alberta community added the colourful final touches and the initiative – and the spirits of folks in town - took flight. Soon, the bluebirds – and jays and chickadees – of happiness began to perch in locations where first responders flocked.

Quietly working behind the scenes, not a peep came from the project’s originator, as Susan preferred to sing the praises of those working to support the community through the COVID-19 crisis. For her generosity and caring, we think Susan’s effort is a feather in her cap and something worthy of crowing about. Congratulations to Susan Ruzek, this week’s recipient of Northern Lights Volunteer Recognition.

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