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Photo of Alberta Northern Lights recipient Shaher Bano

Location: Calgary, Alberta

Shaher Bano is one volunteer who likes a little variety in her volunteerism, and that just means she is able to share her big heart with many more Calgarians.

For children dealing with disability, Shaher is just the ticket…to Disneyland! As a volunteer with Calgary’s Dreams Take Flight, Shaher helps to arrange trips to the Happiest Place in the World for youngsters with special needs. While they may not be jetting off to California or Florida, patients and staff at the Peter Lougheed and Foothills hospitals are often moved by Shaher’s dedication and generous spirit. That same dedication and generosity has also been directed in service to the city’s most vulnerable, helping to ensure those struggling with homelessness are able to access a hot meal through the foundation’s downtown Calgary community kitchen, making sure that each plate comes with a side of smiles and kindness from a volunteer who sees variety as the spice of life.

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