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Photo of Alberta Northern Lights recipient John Redekopp

Location: Crowsnest Pass, Alberta

At 61, John Redekopp is too busy riding high to think about going downhill.

The avid mountain biker moved to the Crowsnest Pass in the heart of the Alberta’s Southern Rockies 15 years ago and has been sharing his passion for cycling and volunteering ever since.

John is part of a group of local riders that came together to start UROC and from a handful of 2-wheeler enthusiasts, the organization has since grown to over 200 members. If you build it, they will come and with John taking the lead in organizing fundraisers and new trail and trail extension development, Crowsnest Pass now offers a world-class trail and race venue and a reputation for some of the most challenging and scenic world-class rides in Western Canada.

With the coming of spring, John and his fellow UROC-ers put the bikes aside to do the hard work of cleaning and maintaining the trails and developing new sites. The efforts of John and UROC have paid off as each year sees new riders experiencing the beauty of the Crowsnest Pass and the exhilaration of a rad ride through the Rockies. By collaborating with other clubs, John helped to create awareness of the opportunities that await mountain bikers from across North America and with it, opportunities to help support the community.

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