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Northern Lights recipient – Tope Akindele

On December 9, he was recognized for helping the Nigerian Canadian Association of Edmonton grow and strengthen the community.

Portrait of Northern Lights recipient Tope Akindele

Location: Edmonton, Alberta

Tope Akindele has brought more than skill and creative thinking to his role as Secretary General of the Nigerian Canadian Association of Edmonton (NCAE). His passion and infectious enthusiasm have helped to mobilize members, breathing new energy and life. Taking a hands-on approach to assist in crafting Association programming, Tope has shared not only his time, but often his own resources to help the Association grow and contribute to help strengthen the community.

One project that has been top of mind for Tope has been the construction of a new community facility in downtown Edmonton, which along with Association offices, house a welcoming centre, library and employment enhancement centre. The project also features all-purpose spaces where all Edmontonians will be welcome, furthering the NCAE’s mission of celebrating the culture, diversity and togetherness of the community.

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