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Leanne Kohn

Location: Edmonton, Alberta

No matter the task – large or small – for over 10 years, Leanne Kohn served Edmonton’s Parkallen Community League (PACL) faithfully in a wide array of roles. From an enthusiastic member of the redevelopment committee, as social and programs coordinator, vice president and finally president for four years, Leanne has focused on the needs of Parkallen families and neighbours.

Leading through example in thought and deed, Leanne has continually proposed and supported ideas and events that have helped to make Parkallen an even stronger community. Among the many projects she has been involved in, Leanne has coordinated the building of a bike pump track, resurfacing of the PACL basketball court and new hoops, building of a “little” library for youth, installing rink boxes, installation of two huge rink murals, community garden and installation of LED lights in the rink and hall.

Through it all, Leanne has emerged as a role model for community youth, encouraging young people to get involved in the community by serving at events such as seniors’ dinners, newsletter delivery and working at the local community rink. 

For her dedicated service to the community, a tip of the hat and Northern Lights Volunteer Recognition honours to Parkallen’s own, Leanne Kohn.

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