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Logo: Bag-Half-Full – Promoting community health and accessibility.

Location: Edmonton, Alberta

Edmonton medical students Inderdeep Mander and Ria Rana are giving new meaning to the term ‘front-line health care’ by delivering that care right to the front door.

They are the volunteers and creators of Bag-Half-Full, which helps those isolated by the COVID-19 pandemic access food, prescriptions and other essential items. Thanks to Inderdeep and Ria, Bag-Half-Full has spawned a nationwide movement. Along with fellow medical students in Edmonton, Calgary, Prince George, Ottawa, Prescott-Russel, and the Greater Toronto Area, Bag-Half-Full takes online orders, does the shopping and delivers items to clients including seniors and those who are immunocompromised or who are self-isolating – all at no cost beyond the cost of the items purchased. The work of the non-profit is fuelled by donations and the energy and enthusiasm of its visionary volunteers.

Thanks to Bag-Half-Full, those who are unable to help family members and friends due to distance or their own health issues can be reassured that their loved ones are getting help to restock the pantry and medicine cabinet. The volunteers of Bag-Half-Full have a lot to teach us about community health and safety and caring about one another.

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