The Alberta Air Data Warehouse is where Alberta’s air quality and deposition data are stored. It is accessible to all Albertans and includes air quality data, precipitation quality data and metadata (data that provides information about the data).

Submit data to the Air Data Warehouse

ETS data submission

Add air quality data to the Warehouse through the Electronic Transfer System (ETS).

Data stored in the Warehouse

The Alberta Air Data Warehouse currently has download options for data collected from the core long-term air quality network, which is made up of continuous ambient air quality monitoring stations operated by Alberta Airsheds and the Government of Alberta.

For more information about available air quality datasets, and how to access that data, see:

The datasets included in the Warehouse have undergone quality control and quality assurance in accordance with the Alberta Air Monitoring Directive. Therefore, depending on the type of data, there is a time lag of one month to one year between collection and posting of the data.

For real-time ambient air quality data, visit: Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) map.

Data collection and submission

Air quality and deposition monitoring in Alberta is delivered through a distributed system, which includes industry, Airsheds and the provincial and federal governments. For more information about data collectors, see: Distributed Monitoring System for Ambient Air Quality Data.

To submit data to the Warehouse see: ETS data submission.

Continuing development of the Warehouse

Currently continuous air monitoring data is available for data download. Additional reports are under development and will be provided as they become available. In the future, additional data will also be posted to the Alberta Air Data Warehouse, including data from the provincial long-term deposition network, regulatory monitoring and focused monitoring studies.


Connect with the Alberta Air Data Warehouse for more information relating to air quality data:
Email: [email protected]

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