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The Alberta Activity Index was updated on August 1, 2019 to include May 2019 data.

Alberta Activity Index

AAX retraces some of recent gains

  • In May 2019, the Alberta Activity Index (AAX) took a small breather after posting a strong rise in the previous month.
  • The AAX eased 0.4% month-over-month, as pullbacks in general business and household activity were moderated by an increase in the labour market and an uptick in the energy sector.
  • Despite the monthly decline, the AAX has rebounded 3.7% from the February low, driven by a recovery in general business activity and strengthening labour market.
  • The AAX was down 1.6% compared to May of last year, when activity spiked to a post-recession high.

Chart: Year-over-year change in Alberta Activity Index and Real GDP
(to May 2019)

Alberta activity index and real GDP
Source: Alberta Treasury Board and Finance

Data table

The following file is available in the Open Government Portal:

About the Alberta Activity Index

Developed by Alberta Treasury Board and Finance, the Alberta Activity Index (AAX) is a weighted average of 9 monthly indicators:

  • employment
  • average weekly earnings
  • retail trade
  • wholesale trade
  • manufacturing shipments
  • new truck sales
  • housing starts
  • rigs drilling
  • oil production

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