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Alberta 2030: Building Skills for Jobs

A comprehensive, system-wide review of Alberta’s post-secondary system to develop an innovative new strategy for the future.


The Alberta 2030 initiative will transform the adult learning system to focus on providing the high quality education, skills and training needed to get Albertans back to work, meet current and future labour market demands, and drive innovation to make Alberta competitive in a 21st century global economy.

We will collaborate with employers, industry, students, post-secondary institutions and other stakeholders throughout 2020 to develop a strategy that:

  • ensures students have skills and education to solve emerging problems and adapt to changing demands and opportunities
  • increases access to post-secondary education and encourages a wider range of potential learners to participate
  • increases the level of collaboration between institutions, giving students more options to transfer credit
  • strengthens relationships between employers and post-secondary institutions to help guide educational programming and work placement opportunities
  • improves governance and financial sustainability for the system
  • empowers institutions to become more entrepreneurial and seek new sources of revenue


Alberta 2030 is underway. Engagement activities will be posted when available.

Who is listening

Ministry of Advanced Education

Stakeholder engagement journey

  • Issues analyses & summary paper

    Ground perspectives across 6 objectives (and starting point) and provide basis for discussion and input from stakeholders.

  • Strategic design choices

    Frame key decisions around post-secondary system archetypes which inform overall Alberta 2030 strategy.

    End of September
  • Strategy, outcomes framework & roadmap

    Present first integrated view of Alberta 2030.

    End of October
  • Alberta 2030 Strategy

    Present final strategy, business case, governance framework and execution roadmap.


Get involved

Information about public engagement opportunities will be posted here when available.

Stakeholder engagement will consist of:

  • 140+ interviews to gather initial hypotheses, perspectives and concerns (August-September)
  • 25+ roundtables to review and react to issues analyses; discuss and debate options and provide input (August-October)
  • 6-8 townhalls to playback input and perspectives, share strategic themes and options, provide facts and benchmarks and invite new input (October-December)
  • 1 summit to frame the Alberta 2030 declaration (December)

Overview of stakeholder engagement activities (PDF, 142 KB)


The review will:

  • produce a final report, to be ready in late 2020, that assesses:
    • global models and trends in post-secondary education
    • Alberta’s existing post-secondary model and governance
    • individual institutions
  • develop an implementation roadmap by early 2021

Alberta 2030 guiding coalition

A guiding coalition has been established to oversee the Alberta 2030 initiative and help ensure the process remains focused on key priorities.

Membership includes:

  • Dr. Robert W. Murray, president and CEO, Grande Prairie Regional College
  • Jonathan Bilodeau, executive director, Alberta Students’ Executive Council
  • Mary Moran, president and CEO, Calgary Economic Development
  • Sir John Daniel, chancellor, Acsenda School of Management (Vancouver)
  • Ruby Littlechild, Indigenous and community engagement, SNC-Lavalin
  • Dr. Tim Rahilly, president and vice-chancellor, Mount Royal University
  • Dave Collyer, chair, Bow Valley College Board of Governors
  • Rowan Ley, chair, Council of Alberta University Students
  • Adam Legge, president, Business Council of Alberta
  • Terry O’Flynn, president, Prism Flow Products and chair, Alberta Enterprise Group
  • Laura Kilcrease, CEO, Alberta Innovates
  • Kevin Kane, president, Confederation of Alberta Faculty Associations
  • Ken Heather, vice president external, Alberta Colleges and Institutes Faculties Association
  • Dr. Ian Brodie, professor of political science, University of Calgary
  • Dr. Val Walker, CEO, Business + Higher Education Roundtable
  • Whitney Issik, MLA for Calgary-Glenmore

Message from the minister


Last updated: August 6, 2020