The monthly payment for Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped (AISH) and Income Support (IS) occurs on the first of the month. When the first of the month is a holiday or weekend, benefits will be paid on the last business day of the previous month.

Month of assistance Benefit payment date Days between payments
January 12-23-2020 22
February 02-01-2021 41
March 03-01-2021 28
April 04-01-2021 31
May 04-30-2021 29
June 06-01-2021 32
July 06-30-2021 29
August 07-30-2021 30
September 09-01-2021 33
October 10-01-2021 30
November 11-01-2021 31
December 12-01-2021 30
January 12-29-2021 28
*Clients signed up for direct deposit will receive their benefits on the payment dates. Clients who receive benefits by cheque will receive their payment in the mail on, or within 3 business days of, the payment date.

Sign up for direct deposit

  • Plan ahead and adjust the timing of your monthly bill payments, if needed.
  • Paper cheques are subject to standard delivery times by mail.
  • Sign up for direct deposit to get your benefits faster than by mail, or talk to your caseworker for assistance.


Call your caseworker or the Alberta Supports Contact Centre at 1-877-644-9992 (toll free in Alberta).