The AgriProfit$ business analysis and research program provides services for farm business managers that help them make better business management decisions.

Taking place every 3 to 4 years, the greenhouse crops program provides participating Alberta greenhouse crop producers with:

  • cost and returns reports on their farm businesses
  • a provincial report that details the cost and returns of major greenhouse crops grown in Alberta (cucumber, tomato, pepper, bedding plants/ornamentals and tree seedlings)

Since 1970, Alberta Agriculture and Forestry has committed material resources to the development and growth of the greenhouse crops industry in Alberta. Major greenhouse crops grown include:

  • vegetables
  • bedding plants
  • potted flowers and ornamentals
  • cut flowers
  • herbs
  • perennials
  • tree seedlings


Cost and returns reports

The Economics of Production and Marketing of Greenhouse Crops in Alberta report captures the costs and returns of greenhouse crop production in Alberta. The objectives of the study are:

  1. To describe the structure of the greenhouse industry in Alberta.
  2. To report estimated greenhouse production costs and returns by major crops.
  3. To identify the main factors influencing production and marketing of greenhouse crops in Alberta.
  4. To identify major problems experienced by greenhouse producers in Alberta.

See current and past reports: The Economics of Production and Marketing of Greenhouse Crops in Alberta

Greenhouse crop industry profile

The Economics Section of Alberta Agriculture and Forestry, in collaboration with the Alberta Greenhouse Growers Association (AGGA), conducts a comprehensive survey every 4 years to develop benchmark data on the state of greenhouse crop operations in Alberta. This includes surveying:

  • size
  • distribution in different regions within the province
  • heating systems
  • water and energy use trends
  • labour
  • opportunities and issues related to financing, environment, business climate and regulation
  • competitiveness with imports
  • other benchmarks and future trends

The profile data and information gathered provide government and the Alberta greenhouse crops industry with an evidence-based decision-making tool. Specifically, the data and information gathered is used:

  • to improve the knowledge of growers to better address the current issues/opportunities they are facing
  • by existing growers as well as new producers to increase their understanding of how to continue to provide local and freshly grown vegetables and ornamentals to Albertans
  • by the Economics Section as background material when preparing the economics of production and marketing of greenhouse crops in Alberta report
  • by government to assess programming and industry needs relative to research, policy and market opportunities

See current and past reports: Profile of the Greenhouse Industry in Alberta

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Since the AgriProfit$ greenhouse study is done every 3 to 4 years, new participants will be contacted and included in the next study.


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