The AgriProfit$ program provides services for farm business managers that help them make better business management decisions.

The AgriProfit$ beef program examines the profitability, financial and production efficiencies, and risk-bearing ability of the entire beef operation. It also sheds light on how each production stage contributes to overall profitability.

The program relies on direct farm data to generate the cost of production for each of the 3 production stages:


The cow/calf enterprise covers the production from breeding, calf rearing and herd maintenance, through to weaning of calves – the major product of this enterprise.


The backgrounding enterprise feeds and manages retained, weaned calves either in a drylot or pasture. Feeder cattle are the major product from this enterprise. Once a desired weight is achieved, feeders are either moved to feedlots for finishing, or directly to slaughter.


The final production stage is the finishing enterprise where feeder cattle are fed a higher energy diet to increase body weight for slaughter. Some operations choose to finish their animals on the same site.


AgriProfit$ provides participating Alberta beef producers with:

  • a report of the provincial benchmarks for comparison of farm results
  • cost and returns reports on their farm business and contributing enterprises
  • assistance in program participation through interpretative videos to improve the user experience and help participants interpret their results

AgriProfit$ allows beef producers to evaluate their own operations through comparison to similar beef businesses. Benchmark reports present the compiled productive, economic and financial performance of comparable beef enterprises.

Calculating the cost of production is an important step in assessing performance and understanding the current health of the farm business. Improving performance requires a good understanding of both the financial and technical aspects of the operation. AgriProfit$ participants receive detailed enterprise reports that outline all revenues and expenses involved in production; these are expressed in dollars per unit of production (returns per cow, per cwt gain, per animal head day).

Key technical indicators capture physical measures of output and input use. These include:

  • pregnancy percentage
  • calving percentage
  • weaning percentage
  • weaning weight as percentage of cow weight
  • feed use
  • AgriProfit$ GOLD performance – growth, open cow percentage, length of calving period, death loss

Benchmark reports are available for the following beef enterprises:



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