AgriProfit$ – Field crop cost of production economics

Participating crop producers submit their farm data to this program for free analysis and benchmark reports.

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The AgriProfit$ program provides services for farm business managers that help them make better business management decisions.

The Economics Section of Alberta government has worked with crop producers across the province to calculate their crop cost of production since the early 1970s. Field crops include:

  • grains and oilseeds
  • forages
  • pasture
  • specialty crops

The AgriProfit$ field crops program provides participating crop producers with:

  • a customized business analysis of their farm and farm enterprises to support informed decision making
  • an annual crop benchmark report that details the production costs and returns on a per unit basis
  • a historical benchmark report – this report enables long-term participants to assess the performance of their own farm over time

The field crops program examines the profitability, financial and production efficiencies to the whole-farm operation, as well as how each enterprise contributes to overall profitability.


Within the customized business analysis report, field crop producers receive a crop economic report. This summarizes all receipts and expenses related to production of a specific crop – such as wheat, canola or hay – in a specific fiscal year. Analysis is performed at field- and crop enterprise levels like commercial crops, forages and pastures.

The collected field- and crop enterprise level information allows producers to examine how each field and crop contribute to the overall net return of the farm. This knowledge can help drive short- and long-term business activities including:

  • crop choice
  • selection of appropriate crop insurance policies
  • reporting to co-owners or landlords in a crop share arrangement

Also, investors and banks need this information to assess lending risks (that is, whether producers have the capacity to pay back their loans).


Connect with the Economics Section:
Toll free: 310-0000 before the phone number (in Alberta)

Field crops:
Phone: 780-422-4056
Email: [email protected]

Specialty crops (hemp, sugar beet):
Phone: 780-422-4054
Email: [email protected]

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