Cropping Alternatives

Regional cost and returns forecast reports based on current Alberta cost of crop and forage production information.


Each year, the Alberta government forecasts of the cost of producing the most commonly grown field crops across the province. The following regional forecasts are based on current cost of production information from the AgriProfit$ program, and estimates of expected revenues and costs from various sources. The crop and forage budgets are designed to assist grain, oilseed, pulse crop and forage producers make better crop planning decisions by using information from their own farm and soil type.

  • Black Soils
  • Brown Soils
  • Dark Brown Soils
  • Grey-Wooded Soils
  • Grey-Wooded (Peace Region)
  • Irrigated Soils


Producers are advised not to base cropping decisions solely on information provided in the following budgets. They should use their own costs and revenue projections to make cropping decisions for farm operations. There is a risk of over or under-estimating costs and returns based on regional benchmarks and forecasts.

The CropChoices budgeting software program and Crop Budget Calculator are available to download, to help you customize your own crop budgets.


Cropping Alternatives forecast reports break down the following factors:

  • prices
  • yields
  • seed costs
  • fertilizer costs
  • chemical costs
  • hail/crop insurance
  • trucking and marketing
  • machinery and storage costs
  • operating interest
  • contribution margin
  • capital costs by enterprise
  • summerfallow
  • contribution margin calculation
  • total cost per unit calculation
  • break-even yield calculation

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