Youth employment rules engagement

Albertans provided input on the proposed list of light work duties that can be done by employees under 18.

Status: Completed
Ministry responsible: Labour
Completed: 2019


We all want to make sure young workers are safe on the job. That’s why employees under 18 have specific rules under Alberta’s law.

Youth employment rules were included in the recent review of Alberta’s labour laws. Stakeholder input helped inform the proposed list of jobs that young employees can do without a permit, known as the light work list.


We gathered feedback from Albertans to help us determine how changes to the light work list will keep young employees safe and healthy.

The period for public input closed on July 13.


Thank you for your input. Your feedback will help us understand how these changes will keep young workers safe and what this may mean for your business or employment.

Feedback received before July 13 is currently under review.


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