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Learn about the legalities of the food co-packing industry

Webinar participants will learn first-hand about core legal aspects of the co-packing relationship.

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“Co-packing relationships can be fraught with legal complexities and uncertainties”, says Margurite Thiessen, business development officer with the Alberta government. “This upcoming webinar will help participants understand the core legal aspects of the co-packing relationship that often result in problems for both parties.”

In this webinar, participants will hear from Glenford Jameson, founder of G.S. Jameson & Company, a Canadian lawyer with significant industry experience in the food sector focused on corporate, commercial and regulatory issues faced by start-ups, not-for-profits, small and medium sized and multinational food companies. Glenford will focus on the legal aspects of the food co-packing industry including a brief overview of the top legal issues identified by this sector and he will provide insights on key written agreements.

“One of Glenford’s recommendations to address the issue of potential problems in the co-packing industry is for co-packers and their clients to develop relationships based on written agreements (for example: non-disclosure, confidentiality) that promote stability and clarity,” explains Thiessen.

The webinar builds on the Key Legal Issues in Co-packing workshop held in February 2020.

This 90-minute webinar will also feature legal issues pertinent to the food co-packing industry including real-world examples, and highlight other issues such as food fraud. Following the presentation attendees will have an opportunity to participate in a question and answer session.

What to Know: The Legalities of the Food Co-Packing Industry is taking place October 20, 2022.

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