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Supply Chain Software for Validation and Traceability

Agricultural technology, equipment, supplies

Current Export Markets: United States, Mexico, China

Planned Export Markets: Asia, Australia, Europe

TrustBIX Inc. provides chain-of-custody solutions that provides brand promise assurance to increase confidence in agri-food. BIX (Business InfoXchange) is a cloud-based software platform that supports our Strategic Sourcing line of business, which delivers the world’s first sustainably raised beef sourcing assurance program for Cargill and their customers.

BIX is designed to create trust without compromising privacy and intellectual property. The Company can deliver independent validation of food provenance and sustainable production practices. The Company has several programs such as energy monitoring, GHG emissions tracking, source verification in the biochar industry. The BIX platform is agnostic, suitable for many industries looking for a chain of custody model leveraging blockchain solutions or requiring source verification.

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Contact: Hubert Lau
Phone: +1 780-235-6889
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: /Bixsco
Twitter: @TrustBIX_Inc

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