Transfeeder, An Agricultural Corporation

Produce an innovative long fiber forage feed that is the highest quality, safest, and most convenient horse hay.

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Horse Hay

Agricultural animal feed

Current Export Markets: United Kingdom, Ireland, United States, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Middle East

Planned Export Markets: Worldwide

First formulated forage feed ration in bale on the market. Engineered with the horse and their handlers in mind.

Bale size and weight has been designed to transport efficiency and handling ease.

Process removes dust and pollen to protect the equine respiratory system. This also reduces ambient dust in enclosed spaces for a better barn environment. This Canadian Food Inspection Agency inspected facility also removes contamination incorporated during harvest. Stones, metal, rodents, bones and wood contamination is removed. Bales are individually weighed, and passed though a moisture and metal scanners.

Bales are stacked in blocks of 64 and fit on a conventional pallet. They can be loaded and unloaded from a steal shipping container carrying maximum allowed weight (1,280 bales per container).

We only use the best forages available on the Canadian Prairies.

Looking for customers globally.

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