Token Bitters

Handcrafted artisanal aromatic bitters with organic ingredients sourced from local farmers and businesses.

Token Bitters Bottles

Handcrafted Aromatic Bitters


Certifications: Dairy free, Gluten Free, Vegan

Current Export Markets: Japan

Planned Export Markets: United States, Mexico

Token Bitters makes handcrafted artisanal aromatic bitters, inspired by and made in the city we call home: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

  • Potent flavouring agent made of botanicals (aromatic herbs and fruits)
  • Predominately used as an additive to cocktails
  • Also adds flavour to non-alcoholic beverages, coffees, baked goods and more

Token Bitters uses organic ingredients sourced from local farmers and businesses whenever possible. They are bottled without chemicals or preservatives.Token Bitters come in 100 ml bottles

  • Strathcona Orange (Retail: $23 CAD / Wholesale: $13 CAD)
  • Ritchie Cherry (Retail: $23 CAD / Wholesale: $13 CAD)
  • Whyte Lavender (Retail: $23 CAD / Wholesale: $13 CAD)
  • Calder Chai (Retail: $23 CAD / Wholesale: $13 CAD)
  • Seasonal Flavour: Highlands Mojito (Retail: $23 CAD / Wholesale: $13 CAD)

Our Box Set includes the 4 core flavours in 15 ml bottles, for convenience (Retail: $36 CAD / Wholesale: $20 CAD).

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Contact: Keenan Pascal
Phone: +1-778-998-2825
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: /tokenbitters
X: @tokenbitters
Instagram: @tokenbitters

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