Thumbs Up Foods Inc.

Manufacture gourmet ethnic East-Indian and East-African style foods with authenticity and fresh, local ingredients.

Dishes of Indian and African Foods

Gourmet Indian and African Foods

Ready meals and prepared foods

Certifications: HACCP, Dairy free, Vegan

Current Export Markets: United States

Planned Export Markets: Saudi Arabia, Europe

Thumbs Up Foods Inc. (est. 1996) manufactures gourmet ethnic East-Indian and East-African style specialty foods for food service and wholesale (under the brand name: Serenna’s™).

Family owned and Canadian-based (in Calgary, Alberta), the company prides itself on its authenticity and use of fresh, local ingredients. The family’s roots are in East Africa and India, which ultimately inspired the fusion cuisine.

Products are currently supplied to five-star hotels, catering companies, local stores, golf courses and delis across Western Canada.

Products include:

  • Samosas - Light and crisp on the outside with the right amount of spice on the inside. The dough is prepared without the addition of oil, reducing the fat content.
  • Roti/Chapatti (Flatbreads) - Authentic Indian staple with flavour derived through simple ingredients, making it a great alternative to tortillas or bread. Serenna’s™ Chapatti contains no sodium, sugar, or preservatives.
  • Pakora (Fritters) - No added gluten, these pakora are a flavourful delight, made with potatoes, carrots, spinach, chickpea flour, and an array of spices.
  • Marinades - Tandoori, Tikka, East-African BBQ or Mishkaki.

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