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High quality barley products that can improve your health and easily be prepared in ten minutes.

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Snappy Grains Natural and Organic Barley Products

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Certifications: HACCP, Organic, Safe Quality Food (SQF), Allergen free, Dairy free, Non-GMO, Vegan

Current Export Markets: United States

Planned Export Markets: Asia, Europe

Progressive Foods has a unique process to cook barley efficiently without losing its nutritional values. Our passion to create a tasty and healthy product has inspired us to make a natural and organic barley from locally grown hulless barley.

SNAPPY Grains™ is a Progressive Foods’ brand with two product lines: Natural Barley in A Snap and Organic Barley in A Snap. SNAPPY Grains™ barley is an excellent source of protein, fibre and cholesterol lowering soluble fibre- beta glucan. As well, our barley contains a high percentage of resistant starch that is unique to SNAPPY Grains™. The many health benefits make barley a versatile grain and a great alternative to rice and starch rich foods.

Progressive Foods offers high quality products that can improve your health. We have put in the effort to prepare our barley to a state that provides convenience and simplicity in use. Snappy Grains™ barley only takes ten minutes to cook unlike other barley products and be served in many different ways. Check us out online for delicious recipe ideas.

We stand by our products being science based: chef tested. Make Snappy Grains™ a part of your breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert … in a snap. Natural, organic, delicious!

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