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Snappy Grains Natural and Organic Barley Products

Cereal products

Certifications: HACCP, Organic, Safe Quality Food (SQF), Kosher, Allergen free, Dairy free, Non-GMO, Vegan

Current Export Markets: United States

Planned Export Markets: Asia, Europe

Progressive Foods has a unique process to cook barley efficiently without losing its nutritional values. Our passion to create a tasty and healthy product has inspired us to make a natural and organic barley from locally grown hulless barley.

SNAPPY Grains™ is a Progressive Foods’ brand with two product lines: Natural Barley in A Snap and Organic Barley in A Snap. SNAPPY Grains™ barley is an excellent source of protein, fibre and cholesterol lowering soluble fibre- beta glucan. As well, our barley contains a high percentage of resistant starch that is unique to SNAPPY Grains™. The many health benefits make barley a versatile grain and a great alternative to rice and starch rich foods.

Progressive Foods offers high quality products that can improve your health. We have put in the effort to prepare our barley to a state that provides convenience and simplicity in use. Snappy Grains™ barley only takes ten minutes to cook unlike other barley products and be served in many different ways. Check us out online for delicious recipe ideas.

Make Snappy Grains™ a part of your breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert … in a snap. Natural, organic, delicious!

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Contact: Marvin Nakonechny
Phone: +1-780-466-8651
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: /SnappyGrainsQuick–CookingBarley
Twitter: @snappygrains
Instagram: @snappygrains_
YouTube: Snappy Grains

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