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Superior quality, high health, breeding stock, semen and artificial insemination equipment, supplies and technology.


Livestock Genetics - Porcine Germplasm

Agricultural livestock and genetic material

Current Export Markets: China, India

Planned Export Markets: Ukraine

Live breeding pigs and fresh or frozen boar semen exported from herds and boar studs across Canada provide high quality performance from pigs tested in the Canadian Centre for Swine Improvement.

Improved genetics can be supported by AI equipment and supplies, barn equipment and supplies in developing pig breeding operations.

Management expertise and web-based record-keeping ensure that the imported breeding program can be maintained and enhanced in any country. Seminars, on-farm demonstrations and written reports provide help with managing the breeding herds.

On-Farm Skills Training programs for barn workers can be offered either as classroom learning or hands-on in-barn training for new swine technicians.

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