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Decorticated Fiber

Hemp Fibre and Hurd


Certifications: Non-GMO

Current export markets: United States, China

Planned export markets: India, Turkey, United Kingdom, European Union, Bangladesh

Canadian Rockies Hemp Corporation (CRHC) is an agribusiness operating in Bruderheim, Alberta, Canada. We processes a consistent commercial supply of processed hemp biomaterials, with the goal of building a sustainable and profitable future for generations to come.

The need for processed hemp is quickly increasing as it is becoming a high-demand input for industries such as textiles, pulp and paper, automotive, animal bedding, building and insulation, composites, and more.

On a global scale, we sell certified Industrial hemp that is grown and processed in Alberta with the best agricultural practices. Our main products include:

  • Bast Fibre (HS: 5302100000)
  • Hurd / Shiv (HS: 5302900000)

Contact Canadian Rockies Hemp Corporation

Contact: Aaron Barr
Phone: +1-780-264-1186
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @CanRockiesHemp
Instagram: @canadianrockieshemp

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