Allive Supernutrition Ltd

We grow pure, 100% Canadian hemp sourced from the prairies.

Conventional and Organic Hemp Products

Plant based food products

Certification: Allergen free, Dairy free, Gluten free, HACCP, Halal, Kosher, Non-GMO, Organic, Vegan

Current export markets: United States, Mexico, Europe, New Zealand

Planned export markets: South Korea, Japan

At Allive Supernutrition Ltd we grow pure, 100% Canadian hemp sourced from the prairies. Implementing the same high standards used in our European operations, we work one-on-one with farmers to supply the high-quality Canadian hemp in demand around the world.

Our mission is to promote hemp as a sustainable ingredient for everyday life, whether it is in the form of nutrient-rich superfoods or therapeutic applications. We are on track to minimize the environmental impacts associated with our industry, from the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions to the preservation of soil and water. Allive is out to exceed best practices and ensure our operations have a positive effect on nearby communities.

Besides acting as a global bulk hemp ingredient supplier, our holdings include Planet Hemp Superfood and Praise Hemp. By combining best-in-class innovation with an exciting product development pipeline and team, we’re continually on the lookout for first-to-market launch opportunities.

We offer a variety of products with maximum volumes available dependent on the market.

Some of our packaging options include:

  • Conventional and Organic Hulled Hemp – Minimum: 2100 LBS or 40 (50LB Bags)
  • Conventional and Organic Hemp Protein 50% – Minimum: 2100 LBS or 40 (50LB Bags)
  • Cold Pressed Filtered Hemp Oil in Organic and Conventional – Minimum volume required is 190 KG drum. We can also offer this in totes or 4L jugs

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Contact: Christopher Bie
Phone: 1-604-365-4837
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