Barr-Ag Ltd.

Canada’s leading exporter of a variety of hays, straw, dehydrated silage products, peas, feed barley and feed wheat.

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Hay Bales

Timothy, Alfalfa, Mixed Hay, Grain and Dehydrated Silage in Containers

Agricultural animal feed

Certification: Non-GMO

Current export markets: Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, China, Middle East, Europe

Barr-Ag Ltd. is Canada’s leading exporter of timothy hay, non-gmo alfalfa hay, mixed hay, straw and dehydrated silage products.

Barr-Ag Ltd. produces over 80% of what they process with the balance coming from local farmers with whom they have established long-standing relations. This gives Barr-Ag Ltd. the excellent position to control the quality from the seeding to processing and, as such, have more ability to achieve a higher quality control of the products they produce, process and export.

Barr-Ag Ltd. has two facilities in Alberta positioned close to the eastern slopes of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. This allows them to grow, compress, and containerize hay and other forage for dairy, beef operations and horse owners around the world. They offer the following packaging options for their compressed hay: 30kg half-cut, 60 kg small bales and 420 kg sleeve bales and 700 kg string big bales. Barr-Ag Ltd. offers products in sun-cured as well as heat-treated formats.

For dehydrated silage products they offer 35-40kg mini bales and 450kg sleeve bales.

Barr-Ag Ltd. can make custom blended mixes to the end user’s requirements and needs.

Barr-Ag Ltd. is an experienced, innovative company that offers flexible shipping options and they can take care of the necessary customs documents in an effective and efficient manner.

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