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Premium Quality Canadian Angus Beef

Premium Quality Canadian Angus Beef

Meat and game

Certification: HACCP, Safe Quality Food (SQF), Halal, Gluten free

Current export markets: European Union

Planned export markets: Japan, China, United Arab Emirates

Premium quality, Canadian Angus beef; raised without added hormones and with the respectful use of antibiotics. Authentic Angus is true the craft of ranching and real in every sense of the word. Working with some of Canada’s top ranchers, best managed feedlots and most trusted industry organizations Authentic Angus works towards providing their customers with some of the best beef Canada has to offer.

Authentic Angus’s primary focus is exporting high quality beef around the globe and building long lasting, meaningful relationships in the process.

Contact Authentic Angus

Contact: David Saretsky
Phone: +1-403-896-9616
Email: [email protected]

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