Acid deposition

Alberta Acid Deposition Management Framework and acid deposition assessments.


Acid deposition results when acid forming pollutants are deposited on the earth’s surface. Sulphur dioxide and oxides of nitrogen are the main acid forming pollutants. Deposition of acidifying substances and their reactive products to terrestrial or aquatic ecosystems may result in acidification and damage to the ecosystem.

Management of acidic deposition requires an integrated approach that includes measurement, estimation of emissions and deposition, and evaluation of the effects of deposition on recipient ecosystems.

The Alberta Acid Deposition Management Framework (ADMF) has been developed through a multi-stakeholder approach to proactively manage acidification issues and enable sustainable industrial development.

ADMF revision

The ADMF was revised in 2022 to reflect updated science and to provide clarity and certainty to government, regulators and industry. The 2022 ADMF takes effect on January 3, 2023, and supersedes the 2008 ADMF. If acid deposition assessments are required for regulatory applications starting on or after this date, they must adhere to the 2022 framework. The technical handbook is for assessing regional acid deposition exceedances.

Acid deposition assessment

Under Alberta’s ADMF, 2 provincewide acid deposition assessments have been completed:

2011 Assessment

2004 Assessment and framework revision


Alberta's most recent critical loads of acidity for terrestrial ecosystems:

Trends in soil acidification in Alberta based on long term soil acidification monitoring:

Site-specific critical loads for acid deposition on soils at three locations in Alberta:

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