Women’s Economic Recovery Challenge Grant Program

Funding projects that increase women's participation in the economy.


The Women’s Economic Recovery Challenge grant is now closed.

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A December 2020 study by Canada’s Industry Strategy Council indicates that removing barriers and advancing gender equality in work could result in an additional $150 billion in incremental GDP through 2026 for Canada.

The Women’s Economic Recovery Challenge Grant Program funds initiatives led by Alberta non-profit organizations that help enhance women’s economic opportunities by providing strategies and solutions to address barriers and engage more effectively in the economy.

Applicants must submit proposals according to the specifications and conditions set out in the grant program guidelines.

Eligible projects

For a project to be eligible under the program, it must create a measurable impact or positive outcome in at least one of these focus areas:

  • increasing the representation of women and girls in STEM
  • increasing female entrepreneurship
  • decreasing the challenges women face in the workplace
  • helping women transition to a new career
  • supporting inclusive employer training
  • updating employment skills

Eligible expenses

  • travel expenses (meals, accommodation, parking, essential travel in Alberta to implement the project)
  • materials, printing of materials, and project supplies (items directly needed to carry out the proposed project)
  • communication costs (advertising, marketing and communication expenses)
  • project planning, administration and overhead costs
  • other expenses (any other costs will be approved if deemed to be direct and necessary for the successful implementation of the proposed project – see Budget Template for more information)

Successful projects

Twenty non-profit groups in communities across Alberta have received a Women’s Economic Recovery Challenge Grant to help enhance economic opportunities for women and girls.

Successful applicants and their work expand programs into new parts of the province and kick-start new projects.

Recipient projects include STEM training and mentoring, digital literacy, career planning, employment and entrepreneurship skills and inclusivity campaigns.


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