Two wild boar standing in front of a tree


When not being raised as livestock, wild boar are considered to be ‘at large.’ In Alberta, wild boar are an invasive species and a provincially regulated agricultural pest when at large. They can damage property, agricultural crops, pastures and the environment, and are known to endanger people and animals.

Under the Agricultural Pests Act and Pest and Nuisance Control Regulation, landowners are required to control or destroy pests and prevent them from becoming established on their land. In addition, you can help by learning to recognize signs of their activity, and reporting sightings of wild boar at large.

We do not give out locations for hunting wild boar due to privacy issues.

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Report wild boar

If you see wild boar at large, or signs of wild boar activity:

  1. Safely take a picture.
  2. Note the location.
  3. Fill in our online reporting form:

Report a sighting

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