Water Use Reporting System

Information and resources for Alberta water licence holders to report their water use.

Important notices

Digital Regulatory Assurance System (DRAS) application submission

Applications for all Water Act licences, including renewals, and amendments must be submitted through the Digital Regulatory Assurance System (DRAS). For information on how to apply, amend and renew various Water Act licences in DRAS, refer to the knowledge articles in DRAS for Water Act application for licences.

Water use reporting data in DRAS

For all Water Act licences issued, amended, or renewed in DRAS that require reporting, the licence holder must report water use data in DRAS. For information on how to report water use data in DRAS, refer to the following knowledge article:

Mandatory move of Water Act licences into DRAS

As of February 2024, Water Act licences, including renewals, and amendments that were issued prior to November 2021 must be moved to the Digital Regulatory Assurance System (DRAS).

For information on how to ‘move your licence’ for various Water Act licences to DRAS, see:

For resources, refer to these knowledge articles: 

Notice for users of WURS and WATERS

For all Water Act licences that require reporting, Environment and Protected Areas is transitioning its Water Use Reporting System into DRAS. If your Water Act licence is regulated by Environment and Protected Areas, you are required to move your licence into DRAS and report the water use, including measuring and monitoring results, through DRAS. Licence holders who have moved their licence(s) in DRAS will be notified once the respective licence information has been moved over and will be able to report their water use into the WURS using DRAS.

WURS will continue to be active for water use reporting until summer 2024; however, Water Act licence holders are encouraged to begin moving their licence(s) to DRAS as soon as possible.

The Water Act Temporary Diversion Licence Electronic Review System (WATERS) will still be active for Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) applicants.