Waiving a filing fee

Learn if you qualify to have filing fees waived and how to apply.


If you can’t afford to pay the filing fees for court, you can make an application at a Court Registry office to find out whether or not you qualify to have the filing fee waived.

There might be some other costs you’ll still have to pay, such as fees for search requests or photocopying.

For more information, visit the Court fees page.

Fee waivers from a lower court

If you have been granted a fee waiver at a lower court and are appealing to a higher court, bring your approved Application for Fee Waiver and Statement of Finances form with you to the Registry office in which you are filing the appeal.

How to apply

Step 1. Check if you qualify

If you are representing a business or estate, you cannot apply to have your court filing fees waived.

The average income of your family living in your household must be below specific thresholds. Family living in your household includes:

  • family related by blood
  • family related by marriage
  • common-law or interdependent adult relationships
  • children by blood or adoption (if you have at least 50% custody)

Your average family income must be below these thresholds:

Number of Persons in Family Residing in Household (including applicant)Gross Monthly IncomeGross Annual Income
7 or more$5902$70,819

Step 2. Gather your documents

The court will need a copy of your:

  • most recent tax return or notice of assessment for the most recent tax year, or pay stubs or other proof of income from the last 3 months for all your sources of income
  • Spouse / Common-law partner / Adult Interdependent Partner’s pay stubs or other proof of income from the last 3 months for all their sources of income
  • any other documents to establish your financial situation

If you are not employed, bring proof of the source and amount of your income, such as your most recent Employment Insurance or Social Allowance statement.

Step 3. Fill out the form

Application for Fee Waiver and Statement of Finances

Step 4. File your Application

Do this at the same court where you plan to file your documents that you wish to have the fees waived for.


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