The existing bridge on Highway 38, across the North Saskatchewan River, south of Redwater was built in 1967. It was not designed to carry the heavy and oversize loads now travelling on Alberta highways.

The Highway 38 (Vinca) bridge is being upgraded to carry heavy and oversized loads. Approximately 1,500 vehicles cross the Highway 38 bridge every day; about 24% of that traffic is large trucks. The replacement bridge will establish a critical link in Alberta’s High Load Corridor, saving heavily loaded trucks more than 200 km of travel. The new bridge will save time and money for those travelling in the area, and will support heavy loads from the Edmonton area to major industrial and oil sands regions in northeast Alberta.

If approved for construction, the project will include additional construction on Highways 38 and 830, and the widening of Highways 834 and 644.

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The functional plan for the project is anticipated to be completed in late 2020. Consultation with affected landowners and field investigations started in the summer of 2020 and will continue into the fall of 2020.

Detailed design is underway, and preliminary engineering will start once functional planning is complete. Preliminary engineering is anticipated to be completed in Spring/Summer 2021.

This project is not currently on the Provincial Construction Program.


The Vinca Bridge Replacement will support economic development in Alberta by improving access to this area, allowing efficient movement of goods and people, in particular larger truck traffic, on the High Load Corridor.

It will provide a more direct route to northern Alberta for oversized (extra tall/wide) and over-weight (heavier than normal) loads. Currently, oversize and overweight loads have to detour approximately 200 km when traveling to northern Alberta.


Vinca Bridge information session slides (PDF, 3.4 MB)

Vinca Bridge information session presentation


For more information on the Vinca Bridge Replacement, contact Alberta Transportation’s North Central Region Office:

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