Status: Bill 16 received royal assent on October 30, 2019
Ministry responsible: Environment and Parks


Bill 16: the Public Lands Modernization (Grazing Lease and Obsolete Provisions) Amendment Act has passed to update the province’s grazing disposition fee framework, which determines the amount of rent ranchers and cattle owners pay to the government for use of public lands.

The framework hasn’t been updated for 25 years and is built on outdated assumptions and data. These changes will create a system that better reflects the current economic reality, is transparent and fair for ranchers, and ensures Albertans get fair market value for the use of the province’s land resources.

Key changes

Bill 16 will:

  • develop a new fee structure that better aligns with land values and market fluctuations – so when markets are down, so are fees
  • phase in fee increases over 5 years to help ranchers adjust to the new rates
  • propose a flat-rate assignment fee to reduce administrative costs for ranchers
  • create a dedicated revenue stream to fund rangeland sustainability research and initiatives to ensure ranching remains a successful industry
  • streamline the framework to remove outdated information and reduce red tape

Next steps

Bill 16 will take effect January 1, 2020.

Changes to the rental rate fee structure will be phased in over a 5-year period.


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