Unsolicited proposals (USPs)

Process for private sector, industry investors to submit unsolicited proposals for financing and delivering needed public infrastructure.


The Unsolicited Proposal Framework and Guideline, updated in March 2023, reflects the feedback received from stakeholders. The USP framework clarifies the process for the private sector to submit viable proposals for financing and delivering needed public infrastructure.

Through the USP Framework, we encourage private sector organizations to come forward with creative financing solutions to help provide the infrastructure Albertans need.

USP Process

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    Stage 1: Submission

    Submit your USP proposal by email at [email protected]. Your submission must include the following requirements outlined by the Unsolicited Proposal Framework and Guideline:

    • public interest
    • project feasibility
    • USP suitability
    • affordability

    After your USP is submitted, we perform a ‘completeness check’ to ensure your proposal aligns with the definition of a USP and it satisfies submission requirements. If your USP meets the submission criteria, it proceeds to the Preliminary Evaluation stage.

    We will not advance any USP that does not meet the submission criteria.

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    Stage 2: Preliminary evaluation

    We evaluate your USP against the assessment criteria outlined in the Unsolicited Proposal Framework and Guideline, which includes public interest, project feasibility, suitability, and affordability. This analysis may incorporate benchmarking and market testing. We assess and determine whether your USP should proceed to the Project Development stage.

    To ensure comprehensive understanding of your USP, we may arrange a meeting with you to clarify issues or ask for additional information, if needed.

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    Stage 3: Project development

    At this stage we evaluate and determine:

    • if the project is feasible
    • whether the project is expected to generate value for Albertans
    • if entering into a development agreement is in the best interests of the government and Albertans
    • how it should be structured to achieve those objectives.

    Evaluations may include assessments and feasibility studies.
    A project development agreement between your organization and the Alberta government may be signed to outline the terms under which project development activities will be undertaken. This will identify the obligations and expectations of both parties.

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    Stage 4: Conclusion

    If your USP is approved to advance, we determine the best way to administer delivery of the project. The government may:

    • work with your organization to deliver the project
    • deliver the project through a competitive procurement process or
    • engage in alternative procurement methods to deliver the project

Ongoing USP projects

News release: Training and innovation campus on to next step (April 21, 2023)

Completed USPs

In March 2022, we approved the first successful USP to help construct the new Central Alberta Child Advocacy Centre in Red Deer, now known as the Sheldon Kennedy Centre of Excellence. The centre is now complete and operational.

Through the USP, private organizations and government came together to support the $22.4 million project. This cost included $19 million in donor funding and equity and $3.4 million from the Alberta government, which was used to connect utility lines to service the land. The approved proposal included a land lease from the Red Deer Polytechnic under a 50-year lease agreement at $1 per year.

News release: Supporting vulnerable children in central Alberta (March 1, 2022)


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