The Alberta Motor Transport Association (AMTA), in partnership with the City of Beaumont, is seeking to develop a training and innovation campus within the proposed Beaumont Innovation Park. Alberta’s government and law enforcement groups like the RCMP and Edmonton Police Service (EPS) are working together to assess the training requirements that are part of this unsolicited proposal.

“We welcome the private sector to come forward with project proposals that not only get Albertans the public infrastructure they need but that also have the potential to help make our communities safer.”

Nathan Neudorf, Minister of Infrastructure

“As we seek to recruit more law enforcement officers, it’s vital that we invest in the infrastructure that will house the training that they need to do their jobs. This proposal is good news for Beaumont and for public safety across the province.”

Mike Ellis, Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Services

This proposed project would deliver the most up-to-date transportation and law enforcement training programs in a modern and new facility, benefiting all Albertans in and around Beaumont. The construction and operation of the facility would also create new jobs and economic activity in the area.

This next stage will explore the details for the space required for the proposed training facility to operate. All partners will help to determine the site requirements, such as scenario and tactical training space, driving track, firearms ranges and administrative space.

“The proposed training and innovation campus would make Alberta a leader in driver training and safety for both commercial transportation and law enforcement. I look forward to continuing our partnership with the AMTA to move this innovative project forward and make our communities safer.”

Devin Dreeshen, Minister of Transportation and Economic Corridors

“AMTA's substantial investment in Beaumont is an exciting development that creates local jobs and supports businesses. This project's positive impact on our community, including Class 1 driver and law enforcement training, and an innovation campus, has been years in the making. It's a fantastic opportunity to invest in our community's future, and I'm eager to see its benefits.”

Brad Rutherford, MLA for Leduc-Beaumont

“AMTA’s multi-use campus would empower Alberta to drive innovation in commercial transportation training and technology, including hydrogen and safety improvements. We look forward to working with our partners to bring the benefits of this project to all Albertans.”

Doug Paisley, chair, AMTA

“The Alberta RCMP continues to be committed to working with the communities we serve and our partners, supporting innovative and cost-effective opportunities to enhance the service we provide to rural Alberta. A facility such as this in Alberta could supplement our existing continuous learning and in-service training efforts.”

Deputy Commissioner Curtis Zablocki, commanding officer, Alberta RCMP

“The EPS is pleased to express our continued interest and commitment to work closely with all parties and potential partners in support of a modern and cost-effective training facility to meet the current and future training needs of law enforcement officers in the province of Alberta.”

Dale McFee, chief of police, Edmonton Police Service

“Beaumont has long been a forward-looking community and we’re thrilled to work with the Alberta government and the AMTA on this visionary project. The Beaumont Innovation Park would create an ecosystem for bold ideas that can be brought to life as transformative products and services. It will serve as a magnet for investment, creating good-paying jobs with significant spinoff benefits, and strengthen Alberta’s position as an innovation and technology leader.”

Bill Daneluik, mayor, City of Beaumont

After moving through preliminary evaluation, Alberta’s government is advancing the AMTA proposal to the project development phase of the unsolicited proposals framework. This assessment phase allows the project to further develop through technical, financial and environmental studies.

Once the project development work is complete, project partners will further assess their willingness to pursue the project.

Quick facts

  • The Alberta government’s unsolicited proposals framework aims to harness private sector investment to deliver infrastructure projects while protecting public policy objectives, encouraging innovation and ensuring transparency and accountability.

  • The assessment and evaluation of an unsolicited proposal requires four major stages. It begins with the submission stage. From there, the preliminary evaluation timeline depends on the complexity of the proposed project and the number of partners participating.

  • Once the preliminary evaluation is complete, the proposal may move into the project development phase, depending on the complexity of the proposed project.

  • The conclusion stage ensures that the appropriate agreements are in place, and timing will depend on the size, scope and budget associated with the final proposed project.

  • The ultimate goal is to provide infrastructure with strong public benefit, creating new job opportunities and supporting Alberta’s economy.