Unit price averages

Alberta Transportation maintains a record of unit prices. The report is based on the cumulative average of the prices from the 3 lowest bids on recent tenders, weighted by bid.

Contact Larry MacDonald, Vendor and Contract Specialist, if you have any questions regarding this information.

Monthly Price Index

The Monthly Price Index for Diesel Fuel (MPI) is calculated based on the average Edmonton and Calgary Rack Rates for low sulphur diesel as published by the Oil Price Information Services (OPIS).

The index applies to contracts containing: General Specification 1.2.56" Diesel Fuel Cost Adjustment.

The MPI noted below has been calculated as the average of the first 3 Mondays of each month. In the event of a statutory holiday, the Rack Rate from the next working day will be used to determine the MPI.

Contact Sohrab Sohrabiaraghi, Director of Procurement Strategy and Planning, if you have any questions regarding this information.