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How to use the standard Government of Alberta (GoA) typeface for all public websites and applications.


Use Acumin SemiCondensed typeface on all Government of Alberta (GoA) websites and applications.

Acumin SemiCondensed comes in 4 font styles:

  • regular
  • italic
  • bold
  • bold italic

Get Acumin SemiCondensed

Get the CSS code for implementing Acumin SemiCondenced on any ’’ subdomain at the Resources page.

Heading hierarchy

Headings create a clear visual hierarchy, and heading sizes change moving between larger screens and smaller screens.

Use headings hierarchically H1 through H6. H1 represents the most important topic on the page and is exclusive to the page title. The sub-sections of a web page then use H2, H3, H4 level headings.

Using headings and making them visually apparent helps those with cognitive disabilities. Screen readers navigate a page according to its headings, read and say a list of all headings, then skip to a desired heading to begin reading at that point. Go to Basic web page structure for further details on how to use headings.


Hierarchy Desktop
(top margin)
H1 48/56 36/44 40 700
H2 36/44 32/40 32 400
H3 24/32 24/32 28 400
H4 18/28 18/28 28 700
H5 18/28 18/28 28 700
H6 18/28 18/28 28 700
P 18/28 18/28 28 400
Caption 14/24 14/24 16 400


The minimum body paragraph width is 40 characters per line. The recommended maximum body paragraph width is 90 characters per line.

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