Tuition review

Gathered input to develop a new policy to regulate tuition and fees and make post-secondary education more affordable.

This engagement has been archived
Status: Completed
Ministry responsible: Advanced Education
Completed: 2016


Before the tuition review began Alberta’s tuition was among the highest in Canada. Creating a need to review how the tuition and fee model affected students, families and institutions.

We consulted with Albertans and stakeholders to gather feedback on how to better align the tuition policy with Alberta’s adult learning system principles:

  • accessibility
  • affordability
  • quality
  • accountability
  • coordination


The review was completed in two phases and focused on numerous tuition policy components, including:

  • how tuition increases
  • mandatory non-instruction fees
  • international student tuition
  • apprentice tuition and fees

Phase 1

Students, families and representatives from Alberta’s post-secondary institutions were asked to provide their input using a discussion guide and an online survey from Oct. 19 to Dec. 8, 2016.

A total of 4,190 survey responses and 29 discussion guides were received.

Phase 2

An External Advisory Group of students, institutional administrators and government representatives refined feedback from phase 1 and provided additional perspectives on potential policy solutions for tuition and fees.


Feedback gathered from this engagement was used to help develop a new tuition and fee model that is aligned with Alberta’s adult learning system principles.

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