Tree cutting permit maps

Find out where you can use your Personal Use Forest Products Permit (PUFPP).

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Personal Use Forest Products Permit (PUFPP) can be used only in designated Crown land areas on Crown land. Before getting a PUFPP, explore the forest area map and choose where you will be using your permit.

You can access forest area maps by either using our new interactive online map, or viewing the PDF maps listed in the drop-downs on this page.

Interactive Online Map

The interactive online map is temporarily unavailable. Please use the PDF maps below.

PDF Maps

To view a PDF map of a forest area, check this Forest Areas Map first to determine which area you will be harvesting in:

Image of a map of Alberta

Select the forest area you wish to visit, and find out more about where and how you can use a PUFPP.

How to get a permit

Once you have chosen where you will be using your tree cutting permit, get a Personal Use Forest Products Permits (PUFPP).