• The province collects Timber Dues and Crown Charges (Stumpage Fees) and other fees associated with timber dispositions.
  • These charges, collected under the authority of the Forests Act, ensure Albertans receive fair compensation for the use of publicly owned forest resources.
  • Timber dues rates are based on the current market prices of forest products and are adjusted periodically to reflect changes to current market conditions.
  • The tables used to determine dues rates are located in Schedules 3-7 of the Timber Management Regulation.
  • In the case of deciduous timber used to make pulp, the rates are indexed annually to account for inflation. Current indexed pulp rates

Timber dues letters by month

Coniferous lumber, pulpwood and roundwood products

Deciduous pulpwood


Oriented Strand Board (OSB)

Timber dues rates tables – current and historic

Timber Dues Table for Coniferous Lumber, Pulpwood and Roundwood

Timber Dues Table for Deciduous Pulpwood

Timber Dues Table for Veneer, Oriented Strand Board & Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL)

Timber dues by product

Timber dues by product