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Acts and regulations

The following acts and regulations are found on the Open Government website: Mines and Minerals Act

This Act governs the management and disposition of rights in Crown owned mines and minerals, including the levying and collecting of bonuses, rental and royalties. (Administration of portions of this Act shared with Alberta Environment and Protected Areas.)

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Information letters

Information letters cover legislative changes with the department of energy, advanced search features are available.

Information bulletins

Information bulletins are available through the open government portal, these newsletters alert industry to process changes, more information and guides are available through ETS support and online learning.

  • 2022-03 (PDF, 68 KB) Geothermal Tenure – Integrated into Electronic Transfer System (ETS) Automation
  • 2022-02 (PDF, 114 KB) Administration of Geothermal Resource Tenure
  • 2022-01 (PDF, 72 KB) Process to Request the Replacement of a Nonresponsive Designated Representative
  • 2021-02 (PDF, 56 KB) Change in Administration of Declaration Document upon Agreement Expiry
  • 2021-01 (PDF, 54 KB) Crown Mineral Activity Authorization (CMA) – Well Licence Transfers
  • 2020-02 (PDF, 54 KB) Supplemental Information Regarding the Deferral of Public Offerings (Sale) and Direct Purchases of Petroleum and Natural Gas and Oil Sands Crown Mineral Rights
  • 2020-01 (PDF, 24 KB) Offset Obligations for Crown Petroleum and Natural Gas (PNG) Agreements
  • 2019-02 (PDF, 26 KB) Alberta Petroleum and Natural Gas (PNG) Tenure Business Seminar
  • 2019-01 (PDF, 58 KB) Process Clarification on Crown Mineral Activity Authorizations (Crown Authorization) for Disposal
  • 2018-03 (PDF, 28 KB) Petroleum & Natural Gas (PNG) Tenure Payments in the Event of a Postal Strike  - Application for Direct Deposit
  • 2018-02 (PDF, 21 KB) Rental Default Process for Petroleum and Natural Gas, Oil Sands, and Metallic and Industrial Minerals, Coal, and Ammonite Shell Agreements
  • 2018-01 Introducing the Mandatory Use of the Electronic Transfer System (ETS) to Register Partial Land Transfers, Encumbrances and Requests for Certified Copies (PDF, 35 KB)
  • 2017-01 (PDF, 25 KB) E-Submission of Third Party Requests, Surrenders, Reinstatements and Electronic Notification of Section 18 Notices, Rental Defaults and Royalty Defaults
  • 2016-04 (PDF, 25 KB) Automation of Submission for Third Party Requests, Surrenders, Reinstatements and Electronic Notification of Non-Productivity Notices, Rental Defaults and Royalty Defaults (December 20, 2016)
  • 2016-03 (PDF, 205 KB) Extensions for Petroleum and Natural Gas (PNG) Agreements in Alberta Caribou Ranges (November 9, 2016)
  • Petroleum and Natural Gas Tenure Regulation & Review Information bulletins (1997-02, 01, 1996-06, 04, 03 and 01).

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Connect with the Petroleum and Natural Gas Tenure division:

Hours: 8:15 am to 4:30 pm (open Monday to Friday, closed statutory holidays)
Phone: 780-644-2300
Toll free: 310-0000 before the phone number (in Alberta)

Energy – Bidding – [email protected]
Energy – Crown land data – [email protected]
Energy – Gas royalty – [email protected]
Energy – Oil royalty – [email protected]
Energy – PNG continuations – [email protected]
Energy – Geothermal – [email protected]
Energy – Postings – [email protected]
Energy – Rentals – [email protected]
Energy – Transfers – [email protected]
Energy – Unit agreements – [email protected]
Energy – Well administration – [email protected]
Energy – Crown Mineral Activity – [email protected]
Environment and Protected Areas – GLIMPS – [email protected]

Alberta Energy
Petroleum and Natural Gas Tenure
North Petroleum Plaza
9945 108 Street*
Edmonton, Alberta  T5K 2G6

*Couriers report to the 2nd floor.

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